Mixing Engineer

Future Bliss – Innocence

Future Bliss is a new side project from Elliot Davies (aka StateOfFluxx), veering from his Drum & Bass roots, he has created something so melodious and meticulous in the form of his first EP, Innocence. This deeply guilt written adventure starts with Musicbox, with soaring vocals and a truly beautiful sub bass this track warms up your ears for the chaos that is Interlude. Taking an unsolicited turn from the calm of Musicbox he creates a chained texture soaked in vocal white noise from Danilo Ferreira. This brings us gently to Escapism, a different yet familiar tone set by Musicbox, it’s rolling looped pads and cracking snare keeps you sharp to bring you to the final and concluding track Waiting For Me, this track is somewhat experimental with the pitched vocals and the growling deep throat bass-line, but funky enough to underpin the Future Bliss trademark.